Warren Buffet "I’d buy………………."

Warren Buffet came out with a realtor pleaser; now he needs to hire me to get that done!!  Appearing Live on CNBC's squawk box, Warren Buffet tells Becky Quick he'd buy up to a "couple of hundred thousand" single family homes if it were practical to do so. If held for a long period of time...

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I like this!

Selling homes this past several years has been difficult when it comes to my buyer's loan processes. Very different from my years in real estate 20 years ago. But we soldier on and get it all done, managing our expectations and knowing it is a long, trying process with many surprises! The article below speaks...

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Barbara Reaume Reviews the #1 Santa Barbara Mediation Lawyer

    Santa Barbara Mediation Attorney Gregory Lowe has always been intrigued by the art of mediation and conflict resolution.     Claiming it is a wonderful, yet practical concept to aid people in problem solving and achieving their goals, he is a dedicated practitioner of its ideals and encourages the use of mediation whenever possible.    Lowe’s fascination with the...

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