Barbara Reaume Reviews the #1 Santa Barbara Mediation Lawyer

Barbara Reaume Reviews the #1 Santa Barbara Mediation Lawyer

Santa Barbara Mediation Lawyer



Santa Barbara Mediation Attorney Gregory Lowe has always been intrigued by the art of mediation and conflict resolution.



Claiming it is a wonderful, yet practical concept to aid people in problem solving and achieving their goals, he is a dedicated practitioner of its ideals and encourages the use of mediation whenever possible.    Lowe’s fascination with the core principles of law and justice only intensified his desire to become the area’s foremost Santa Barbara Mediation Lawyer in California.

Lowe began his mediation practice in 1995 and has mediated over 200 cases.   Realizing the need for mediation in Santa Barbara, he believes in the empowerment that occurs when the parties enter directly into the dispute resolution process. If the parties are willing to do so, any dispute can be resolved and usually at a fraction of the cost of litigation.  He is committed to making things work for the good of all his clients on both sides of the disagreement.

His gift of communication and listening to client’s needs first became apparent after successfully creating an import clothing business.   After traveling around the world over a three year period, he eventually realized how much he enjoyed working with people and gave him a unique perspective on how to meet that need.  His endeavors include creating a retail store and for 25 years operated as a national wholesale outlet, sometimes using his skills as a Santa Barbara Mediation Lawyer.   Lowe took part in the management of the business and the design and distribution of the products.


Among his many duties included national and international travel, meeting with customers and vendors, as well as dealing with international banking and import/export requirements. The company produced 2 to 4 new product lines a year and was in the creativity mode throughout its history.  It was during this period that his enthusiasm for law and working one on one with his clients was rekindled.  It prompted him to open his own practice employing mediation in Santa Barbara, and concentrate on creating a dedicated resource for people who felt litigation was the last possible alternative.   Although mediation is a key component of Lowe’s practice, it is not confined to that discipline, also offering assistance and counsel in estate planning, bankruptcy, family law, divorce and civil litigation.

Seeing the need for mediation in Santa Barbara Lowe learned early that his key gift was his ability to make difficult concepts understandable, and to be able to communicate and assist his clients without sounding condescending or superior.   Working as a Santa Barbara Mediation Lawyer seemed to be the next obvious step in his career, and a good one at that.  A California native originally from the San Joaquin Valley, Lowe has always worked as a sole practitioner.   Lowe is licensed to practice in all California courts and the Central District of California U.S. District Court.  His prior business experience gives him the ability and confidence to take on big projects and creatively reach results that are beneficial to the client.  As the area’s premier Santa Barbara Mediation Lawyer, Gregory Lowe will not stop the process of mediation until both sides are satisfied with the outcome.

Santa Barbara Realtor Barbara Reaume shares the same resolve as her associate.    An established realtor with over 28 years of experience, her knowledge of Santa Barbara real estate is only surpassed by her enthusiasm for finding the right home for her clients.  Starting her career early and balancing the commitments of job and family, she quickly understood the financial benefits of owing your own home.   When she and her family moved to a 350-acre ranch in San Luis Obispo County, Barbara expanded her real estate experience to include ranches and vineyards.

Her career with Coldwell Banker in Montecito involves counseling clients on the sale and purchase of Santa Barbara real estate, including Hope Ranch, Goleta, Montecito, Summerland and Carpinteria.  Each client realizes that Barbara understands their time is valuable, while at the same time never feeling rushed or unappreciated.  But don’t be fooled by the gentleness of her manner for underneath her soft approach as a Santa Barbara realtor, there is an astute business savvy mind always focused on doing the very best for her clients.

Santa Barbara Realtor Barbara ReaumeFor a number of years Barbara was involved in a family owned construction company that renovated and built houses.  Because of Barbara’s experience in the area of Santa Barbara real estate and construction in general she can help a client, through her many resources in the Santa Barbara community, to determine what a house needs and whether there are issues a buyer needs to be aware of.

The purchase and sale of Santa Barbara real estate can be daunting, while transactions may be fraught with delays and mountains of paperwork.  With a Santa Barbara realtor like Barbara Reaume by your side, you can breathe easy knowing you will have a dedicated partner and advocate to walk with you through the maze of uncertainty and many unknown territories of business.

Networking and building long lasting relationships with others in the industry is key to her continued education and wisdom in knowing what works for who and how to best utilize the information she has to share.  With her in-depth knowledge of that industry, she can guide a client to a satisfactory decision and a successful conclusion of their purchase.  Barbara’s knowledge of Santa Barbara real estate is one of the many reasons she has been so successful.

For more information about Santa Barbara Mediation Attorney Gregory Lowe, please go to his website at His office is located at 3463 State Street #507, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.  The telephone number is 805.687.3434.

For more information about or to contact Santa Barbara Realtor Barbara Reaume, please go to her website at


Santa Barbara Realtor Barbara Reaume

Barbara Reaume

Barbara Reaume is a real estate expert working for Coldwell Banker Montecito. She started her career as a real estate agent in 1984 and offers over 3 decades of experience in real estate sales. Specialties include Montecito real estate, Santa Barbara real estate, Santa Barbara homes, real estate financing In Santa Barbara, Montecito relocation, Santa Barbara relocation, short sales and foreclosures. Do you have specific questions about buying or selling real estate in the Santa Barbara area? Ask to be setup on Barbara's email-based home search to get instant alerts on price reductions and new Santa Barbara homes for sale in the area. Contact Barbara Reaume by email (, phone (805-610-5403) to find out the value of your home, discuss your options.

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    It is well that disputes for buildings to be defended by a lawyer for mediation. I was Lowe’s client 10 years ago. It is important information on your site. Great!

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    I think he may be the one that we’re looking for. We’re currently helping out two friends who are facing some problems and I think Mr. Lowe can assist us in sorting things out. Thanks for sharing his profile.

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    Such a great way to put together your career like that and take a step into working as a Santa Barbara Mediation Lawyer and all. Having a service seems to be working a lot for you and your clients! You should be proud! I must say!

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    A friends once told me that Atty. Gregory Lowe is indeed a very good mediation lawyer in Santa Barbara. I would also recommend Barbara Reaume for real estate matters in Santa Barbara and Montecito. She’s been in the industry for almost 30 years, which means she’s an expert in real estate.

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    This is very good to know of a great mediation lawyer in Santa Barbara is around. You never know, if you are in the area you may need one and it sounds like Lowe is an excellent one. Thanks for putting this article out there.

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    Gregory Lowe is one of the finest mediators in Santa Barbara. I wish there were more mediators like him

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    It’s nice for Barbara to recommend one of the best mediation lawyers in Santa Barbara. Aside from Santa Barbara real estate matters, I am glad to read some other related articles here that are useful and educational.

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    With her reliable credentials, Barbara Reaume provides the public with practical and informative resource on real estate management. Also, she always offers consistent and useful information on several related areas. Thank you Barbara Reaume for suggesting the best Mediation Lawyer in Santa Barbara, Atty. Gregory Lowe!

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