The Funk Zone

The Funk Zone has become energized with many new areas of art, wine and restaurants. I happened by the Santa Barbara Art Foundry on Sunday and was quite cordially asked to come in and look around. It has some amazing pieces of bronze and well worth the visit. The owners will be glad to give a guided tour of the...

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The Come Back Buyer

"The Come Back Buyer" How Long Do Buyers Need to Wait Before They Can Become Home Owners Again?   Summit Funding has been nice enough to share this information. CONVENTIONAL  CHAPTER 7 BK 4 YRS FROM DISCHARGE DATE CHAPTER 13 BK 2 YRS FROM DISCHARGE DATE 4 YTS FROM DISMISSAL DATE FORECLOSURE 7 YRS FROM RECORDED DATE SHORT SALE 2 YRS - 80% LTV 4 YRS - 90% LTV 7...

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